When I started my resume writing business in 2016, I never imagined the impact I could and would have not only on my clients but in my own life.

Clothier Careers was born from my love of helping family and friends to step away from their soul-sucking jobs and onto the path towards a fulfilling career. I am passionate about giving people options and ensuring they don’t feel stuck in their current employment situation – and so, it made sense to start a business doing just that. I was on maternity leave with baby number 2 when Clothier Careers was launched – seeking a business that would fit around my babies and husband was a non-negotiable, and having total control over how big or how small my business was really suited our lifestyle.

When I returned to my substantive role in the workplace, I didn’t want to let go of the beautiful thing I had created. I could feel that my business had huge potential and it was only the beginning. However, with days of up to 10 hours away from home, 5 days a week with two kids under 3 years old, it was near impossible to dedicate any significant time to my business.

Through a bit (A LOT) of trial and error, I purposefully created a 5 step writing process that enabled me to work full time (in a fairly demanding role!), be a mum and wife to a shift working husband and STILL run a profitable business on the side.

I have to tell you, I thought I had hit the jackpot and am extremely proud of what I achieved in that time of my life.

By Spring 2018, Resume Academy had been rolling around in my head for months. I was on maternity leave round 3 this time, and I knew that it was time to share my process and my knowledge through teaching this business model to other women.

Ready to take the next step?