Resume Writers Australia has established a credible registration and certification system.

Our certification is a defining award in the resume writing profession that:

  • elevates the status and esteem of resume writers in the community;
  • provides members of the public with greater confidence when investing in resume writing services by knowing that RWA certified writers have been independently assessed and certified;
  • provides incentives for resume writers to work together as a community, rather than compete, in attaining high professional standards and establishing industry standards
  • contributes to the building of, and maintenance of, expertise and knowledge in the industry
  • supports resume writers in their work through establishing a code of conduct and professional standards upon which they will base their work

First I want to explain what this is NOT:

  • This is not a career counselling course or qualification.
  • This will not marry up to your other professional registrations.
  • This is not an all-of-the-possible-services-you-could-offer-as-a-career-professional-or-resume-writer certification.

What this IS:

This is about the RESUME itself.
This is the chance to DEMONSTRATE your CAPABILITY in writing this ONE TYPE OF DOCUMENT.

It’s just one document, right? So what is the big deal? Why a certification process for this?

Because: We are resume writers.

We write RESUMES.

  • This one document is our bread and butter.
  • This one document can be the difference between delivering a professional job, or a copy + paste exercise.
  • This certification is a benchmark to demonstrate that you know how to write a professional resume for the Australian market.
  • This is what you want to validate your capability.
  • This is what you need to show your clients who you are as a writer.

This certification with YOUR NAME on it demonstrates that YOU are the REAL DEAL.

You are NOT another cowboy with a laptop and a template.

You are a professional resume writer.

You are a RWA certified resume writer, with a proven ability to deliver high quality resume documents for Australian job seekers.

And you can prove it with this process.


In order to be awarded the PCRW (Professional Certified Resume Writer) award from Resume Writers Australia, you will be required to:

  • Accept the Code of Conduct and hold yourself and your business to this standard
  • Submit two samples of work (your finished resume along with original resume or form completed by your client) along with completion of the submission form for each resume
  • Signed declaration regarding client permission and that the work is your own
  • Pay the assigned fee for (1) registration and (2) submission

Your samples are then submitted to an independent panel of experts who will assess and award the certification, or provide feedback for resubmission. As part of your submission fee you are able to resubmit your samples one more time. If you are not successful, you are able to resubmit for a cost of $100 each time.

What does the certification actually provide?

  • A certificate to prove your capability and certified status
  • A graphics pack and a licence to use them on your social media, websites and emails to demonstrate your certification
  • Free listing in the Resume Writers Australia directory, where certified resume writers will be endorsed by RWA.
  • Validation for your resume writing business. Until now, there has not been anything in Australia to demonstrate standards or benchmarks being met in writing. Being a certified RWA resume writer means that you have met or exceeded the minimum standard for writing as determined by our resume writing guidelines.

How to Begin

  1. Register – to register, you need to pay the registration fee and submit your details via the registration form.
  2. Upon registration, an information pack and guide book will be emailed to you directly.
  3. you will then submit your samples via the instructions in the email.

There is a 12 month time limit for submission once you have registered. The panel will meet each quarter for assessments and awards. If you have missed the cut off for assessment, your samples will be reviewed at the next assessment date.

You must read and agree to the code of conduct upon registration. 

Fee information:

Registration: $155

Submission: $400

Ready to become certified?