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Are you wondering what government is all about and why it appears to be difficult to break in or move around? The government sector is different. I hear you and this is my story. I decided one day that I wanted to transition to the government sector. I was getting married and was thinking about getting a more stable job. Somewhere where the terms and conditions were really good. Somewhere that would value me and pay me what I was worth. Somewhere I could get my professional development paid for and be promoted when I did upskill. Somewhere I could make a difference to the community. So, I applied for and landed my first government job the very first time I applied. I didn’t realise that it was normally very hard to get in. I just did what I normally do. I answered their job ad with a focus on what I achieved and how it could help them. But that first week there was a nightmare. I hated it. Government was different. I didn’t know. I was different and I didn’t fit in because I didn’t know how it worked. I didn’t last long there. But then found another great role with local government. I was actually able to affect people on the ground with my project work. I was given extra responsibilities, the professional development I sought and I had learned that it was bureaucratic and that approvals were required each step of the way. But I loved it. I really did. Because I could see the impact and improvements I was making to the people on the ground. It was the reason I wanted to get in. I was making a difference. It aligned with my personal and professional values. I was then afforded opportunities to learn and grow and found my way into secondments and promotions. Now I want to pass on my love of government to you. I want to make sure you love your job that it aligns with your values and are armed with the tools I didn’t have before I started government so that you can land a government job or a promotion with ease and confidence. I found a regular and consistent way to apply for jobs and I still use these principles today. It’s my way but it works. Don’t let the difficulty stop you from applying. If you love the community sector, then know that you can do it. It can be done. We need talented people making a difference in our public service! WHY I’M DIFFERENT I absolutely love supporting people to apply for, and find, their dream government role. I want to give them back their confidence. I want to change the perception that government employees are not hard workers. I want to see our public service filled with talented people who care about the organisation they work for and ultimately provide excellent outcomes for the people in our community. If this is you, then let me hold your hand with career strategy coaching, mentoring, standout resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and key selection criteria. Let’s apply for these jobs together, so you can land your dream role! Let’s do this! Athena © Copyright All Rights Reserved. Athena Ali The Get Noticed Coach 2018-2020 +