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Anyone wishing to join an NGO for international assignments or headquarters roles, Community Service employees and aspiring or existing Firefighters seeking promotion. Why the Aid and NFP sector? On last check there were 168 million vulnerable people around the world in need of aid and protection and we're currently only meeting the basic needs of 66% of that vulnerable population. I want to see good people thrive in this sector making a very important contribution to mankind but I know how difficult it is getting traction. I worked in HR at one of the world's largest NGO's for close to decade and I was responsible for designing and facilitating the varied and rigorous recruitment processes to place specialists on our international aid roster ready for deployment. I know what each stage is trying to elicit from the candidates so I want to give you a helping hand to secure a contract and realise your dreams of supporting those most in need. I have also assisted many international aid workers transition back into local health and community services roles at the end of their aid assignments. Firefighting is another industry close to my heart, basically because I’m married to the job. My husband is at Commander Rank and I’ve witnessed and supported him through the numerous recruitment stages. The year he applied for recruits there were 30 places for 3,000 applicants. With the numbers vastly stacked against you and a goliath 6 stages to progress through it’s integral to garner as much support as possible. Not only can I assist with developing your applications, I also provide coaching on blitzing on the assessment centres and interviews. With both sectors you’re whole-person will be tested and tested rigorously. I’d love to help you achieve your higher goals.



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Higher Goals